Thursday, September 1, 2016

Dumb musing in a bar

So I am at a local spot having an over the hill. Heaven hill 6 year old bourbon and a. Mississippi Red chaser. I see I haven't posted in a year on this site.

I have now moved to a new site for tequila and a beer back.

A friend's wife died while on vacation yesterday.  She had survived cancer, was full of life, extremely nice, and then died in paradise while scuba diving.

I haven't seen them in a while and we aren't bff, but this has bothered me for some reason today. Not sure why so much today...

Anyhow, decided to meet with friends at a bar. Life affirming.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Is Tom Cruise a feminist?

Yesterday, I decided to beat traffic for a meeting in Vancouver by driving up early and going to a movie. I decided to see Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation because it looked like a fun summer movie. 

MI: Rogue Nation was a great popcorn flick. Plenty of fun and action with an decent plot, few plot holes and a sense of fun. As I was watching Rebecca Ferguson play Isla Faust, I was both entertained and impressed. A female agent that was portrayed as completely competent, a true partner/adversary depending on the situation and the character Ethan Hunt's equal.

This made me think of Edge of Tomorrow - another fun flick with Emily Blunt as the partner/adversary portrayed as completely competent and Cruise's character's equal.

In both movies, the female lead is not a "love interest" or "girl to be rescued". They get a lot of screen time and Cruise never appears to have his character do that "well gosh gee I am so surprised she is competent I guess I should follow her lead" that also shows up in movies and shows with strong female characters.

I don't know if he is doing it on purpose or if it is writers/producers that are pushing decisions but I will cheer it on. 

Oracle - not inspring confidence here.

So I am not a "knowing" Oracle user. As in, I do not know if I am using Oracle products through websites, other tools etc. I don't have any direct dealings with the company.

The other day, I received an email on my business account for an Oracle webinar or something. Since I don't use Oracle, I decided to unsubscribe from the mailing list. I clicked on unsubscribe, I get the prompt screen to enter my email and I do.

Oracle doesn't recognize my email as a valid email so I can't unsubscribe!!!

My email is from a dot consulting domain not .com or .org. Yet, if there system can send an email to me it should recognize it for when I want to unsubscribe.

I think this is some form of harassment.

Windows 10 - not installed.

Just a simple, quick update on the Windows 10 install. It has not worked, I have given up on it for this laptop. Oh well - maybe later.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Windows install day 3

Again, the install has hung up at the same place. I was using the media kit as recommended by Microsoft - to no avail. 

I am not ready to do an install from scratch so I think I am just going to back out and wait a couple of months before I attempt again. Maybe there will be some updates/changes that make it better.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Windows 10 Install - day 2

The experience of installing Windows 10 is about the same as watching Catwoman with Sharon Stone on tv. (That is what is playing in the background at the moment.)

Yesterday, I received the notice that it was ready. I started the process. An hour later I noticed that the computer was "hung up". I did some research on Microsoft's site to see that this sometimes occurs and to give it time because it is installing a large number of files.

16 hours later it hadn't moved, so I did more research that stated a whole list of complex things/actions to do. I tried one of them (the easiest) and am going to start the install again. I hope this works.

Otherwise - like Catwoman - there might be a great idea or product in there somewhere - but I am having a hard time finding it.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Updating to Windows 10

Yay! I received my notice that my update to Windows 10 was available on my laptop. I planned on completing the update on that computer first so I could play and experiment. This will allow me to be prepared to answer my parents questions and to ensure I understand the changes before I make the change on my main computer.

I started at noon. It moved along and after about an hour it said it was at 32% - almost 4 hours later. It says the exact same thing it did before.

I checked the help forums that says it may hang up at the 30-30% range and then again toward the end. This is because it is doing a lot of downloading and updates. Not to worry until after 24 hours have passed. 

So now I wait.